Rightsizing your way to an aspirational life

From the beginning of our careers, the concept of retirement is introduced. It's made clear that this is a major life event that requires careful financial preparation, planning and saving. Yet, the traditional model often has us making significant compromises that, in the end, make our lives much smaller. 
But shouldn’t retirement be about upgrading on the essence of life rather than downsizing it? The new brand of retirement, Rightsizing, is all about customising life to perfectly fit your aspirations, while supporting you to live your best, most rewarding life yet.
Retirement, like many significant life changes, marks both an ending and a beginning. This life stage brings with it complex challenges and adjustments. Social interactions and community involvement evolve, and the rhythms of life tend to take on a less frenetic pace. 
As we embrace the transition, we realise that it opens space for new possibilities and paths. This period becomes a time when the future is ours to shape, allowing us to explore and welcome new opportunities.
Leaving behind a home or neighbourhood you’ve lived in for years can come with plenty of emotion, but there can be many positives to look forward to. A lower maintenance, fit-for-purpose property can free up time as well as mental load. It can also allow space to finally get around to clearing out the garage and the attic so that we’re only taking what we truly love to the next home. Best of all, we can tap into the equity in our old property to invest in the new version of our lives.   
Several practical considerations can guide us in making informed decisions as we contemplate this next chapter of rightsizing. Location is a crucial factor. Do we stay in our familiar environment, close to cherished friends, favourite cafés, and trusted doctor? Or are we drawn to the excitement of a new neighbourhood that matches our desire for a fresh start?
Of course, financial considerations also play a significant role. For many, this period involves significant investment decisions that not only affect our own future but possibly also our children and grandchildren. We want to finance the next stage of our lives wisely but also start to take advantage of all those decades of hard work. This could mean fulfilling dreams of world travel or spending extended time with family in different locations. Alternatively, it might involve indulging in life's pleasures like fine wine, dining, a new hobby or the arts.
For those rightsizing into a life where free time is spent doing more of the things you love, and less time tied to a home needing constant upkeep, the lure of a fabulous new upgrade is impossible to deny. An inner-city abode surrounded by culture and cuisine, balanced with a tranquil country spot to potter about in, is the dream of many. For others, a spacious residence with resort-style amenities could be what you’re drawn to.
Spacious inner-city luxury apartments with unrivalled style and sophisticated design are becoming the new normal for 21st-century Rightsizers. 
The Albertine by Mirvac offers a superb example of how it can be done right. A sophisticated haven on the edge of the city, The Albertine is an ode to nature and beauty, to health and wellness, to living a richly layered life. 
An exclusive address ensconced within Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs – step out of your sanctuary and into the excitement, beauty, and magnetism of Melbourne. The endless delights of surrounding suburbs call from your doorstep – a daily invitation to wander galleries, dine at renowned restaurants, stroll the vibrant streets, and absorb the energies of your extended neighbourhood unfolding in every direction.  Here, health and wellness reign supreme with a curated suite of wellbeing-focused amenities that transform your address into a haven of serenity. A home for modern, active Melburnians seeking a sanctuary that syncs with their rhythm – a home that enriches their lives.
With the trams of St Kilda Road within metres of your home and living only moments away from the CBD means that Melbourne’s tram network is also at your fingertips. Arrive at NGV within 10 minutes – and if you’re early, a drink at Arbory Afloat beckons. And with Melbourne Metro due to debut in 2025 – and Anzac Station* a short walk from your door – indulge in the unmatched comfort and convenience of life at The Albertine.

Retirement looks different today, more than it ever has. We’re retiring earlier and living longer — the percentage of Australia’s population** aged 65 and over increased from 11% to 17% between 1992 and 2022, and according to the last ABS Census^, meaning more than a quarter of residents in Australia’s capital cities are over 55. Every day at The Albertine is an opportunity to relish simple pleasures, and marvel at an active and dynamic life that perfectly fits your aspirations, while supporting you to live your best, most rewarding life yet.
* Information included is from the Metro Tunnel Project by the Victorian State Government https://bigbuild.vic.gov.au/projects/metro-tunnel

** Information included is from the Profile of Australia's population report at: https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/australias-health/profile-of-australias-population

^ Information included is from the Regional population by age and sex article by abs.gov: https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/population/regional-population-age-and-sex/latest-release

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